Final Build

With one week left until we have to be moved out of our home, I think I have enough time to get out one more build. Maybe two. I really thought that the Corsair, the Airacobra, and the Banshee would be the final builds.
To give myself as little of a headache as possible, I went with an easier kit. I chose Academy’s 1/72 SR-71A “History” kit. The basis for this choice is the minimal parts and a rather simple paint scheme. Bottom line is that I think a week is plenty of time to finish this kit. The tricky part will be the weathering. It’s an all flat black airplane so I will need to get creative. I have some ideas that I think will do well.
I have picked a second kit in Hasegawa’s 1/72 F11F-1 Tiger “VA-156 Iron Tigers” issue. I don’t have faith that this one will be done before the move but I am going for it anyway. Opening the box shows a quality build. I will have to saw off the nose to attach the provided, and correct, resin nose. The rest looks like a typical Hasegawa kit. I have been trying to fit this build in for a few months now and I am glad that I can finally get around to it.


10 thoughts on “Final Build

  1. is hard for me not to envy people like u guys a lot, i truly wish i didn’t have to live my life jest trying to get bye and live and could go out in garage an build model airplanes or even a real glider or sumpin in garage, as it is the usa economy pressing down on those on disability like me well, treating us like victims instead of retirees whom deserve to be able to sustain themselves, i guess retirement disability or social security is not meant to be lived on,,,huh,,,, what a trip they have it structured so screwed up an unfairly, for the 1% ers . 😦 take care of urself ,,,enjoy ur move an last build this week, i admire ur werk ,,, i am an old avid builder of u control and remote control and also plastics many years ago…..take care Q… now i prefer to build things i can auctually fly till i can’t no more ; my hanglider trikes 🙂 peace out Q thank u for sharing ur kewl builds 🙂 Q aka mike in colorado 🙂 aN YEAH dats gonna be a fun collection to move also 🙂 pierre is correct 🙂


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