On Target

There is nothing better than achieving your set goals. I managed to accomplish all that I had hoped to get done last night, setting myself up quite well to finish out the weekend. With the big move drawing closer, I am grateful these three builds are going well.
The Airacobra came out of priming with zero hint that there were ever any seams or gaps. The wings were attached last night. The fuselage didn’t want to fit, resulting in a little sanding at the wing roots. I’m pretty confident that it won’t require any filler, but I will prime the wing roots tonight just to be sure. I was also able to work on the canopy and the canopy door. I masked both off and painted them with interior green. The door needs a little detailing, but for the most part they are ready for final paint. There will be a few steps to painting this one. I will start with the white on the tail and leading edges. After I mask those off, all should be a normal paint job with the belly being gray and the top olive drab. I am hoping for a mid week finish.
The Corsair has been re-masked and is ready for final paint. The canopy and wind screen were masked off and painted with interior green last night. My garage is in disarray right now so I am unsure when I can get to my airbrush to get it painted. Maybe I can clear a path tonight and get it finished. We’ll see.
The Banshee is limping along. I filled the gaps in the wing roots and I will sand them tonight. I don’t think it will require too much more attention to remedy. Maybe a little more filler will do the trick. I put two layers on last night to build up the fuselage. Luckily, it’s the underside of the airplane so I don’t have to be quite as picky with the results. After I get this issue addressed, it will be ready for paint. Other than the wing fitting, this has been a great build. All three kits have performed well for what I am thinking will be my last builds in my current home. Who knows, I might be able to squeak one or two more out before then. I will certainly try.




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