Painting the Corsair: Step Two

The Corsair has been masked off and the second step of painting has been completed. This kit is moving quicker than I originally anticipated. I will take a break on painting for a day so I can mask off the canopy and get an undercoat of interior green on before I airbrush the final color.
The sanding process resumed last night on the Airacobra. The cockpit was a little tricky to mask off. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I took a kid friendly approach. Silly Putty was used to fill in the cockpit so I could prime it. I have used this method before inside wheel wells, but never a cockpit. It took me about a minute to get it just right. So that is where the Airacobra sits for now. My goal is to wed the wings to the fuselage tonight if the seams look good.
The Banshee has been sanded and primed as well. I affixed the wings last night and my foresight, unfortunately, was accurate. There are slight issues with the fit of the wings. The right one more than the left. A little bit of filler and careful sculpting and the issue will be resolved. Given the little bump in the road, I am still impressed with this kit.




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