Flawless Transition

There is no way that I can leave my workbench empty for long. In fact, it never was empty after the last trio of builds. The truth is that I started my new builds while the others were in “limbo” waiting for decals or paint to dry. Six kits at one time, if you can even call it that, is definitely a first for me.
My first selection was Academy’s 1/72 P-39Q/N Airacobra. I will be building the “Q” version of this aircraft. All is well so far. The cockpit is complete and attached to the fuselage. I will assemble the fuselage halves today and start sanding the seams tonight.
The next kit is also from Academy. I opted to go with their 1/72 F4U-1 Corsair. I am excited about this one. The USAF had the Mustang. The Navy/Marines had the Corsair. In my opinion, the Corsair rates right up there with the Mustang in the looks department. It’s just a big, beautiful bird. Anyway, this one looks great out of the box. No problems yet. Progress is the same as with the P-39. I’ll get the fuselage together today and have another to sand.
The final pick is from Hobby Craft. I will be building their F2H-3 Banshee. This is my first build from Hobby Craft. As of now, I am impressed with the quality of the kit. It does lack cockpit detail. I’m not too far into it to report any serious hiccups but I haven’t had any yet. This one is like the other two builds, waiting for the fuselage to be put together. It doesn’t happen very often that all my builds are at the same step. From the looks of the dry-fitting, they’ll stay pretty close throughout their respective builds.






10 thoughts on “Flawless Transition

  1. Awesome. I hope you’re doing the Pacific Airacobra with the white tail. I always thought they’re cool-looking. So what Corsair are you planning? Ira Kepford? Pappy Boyington? Tommy Blackburn? All are great heroes in my book.


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