Painting Day

With all major construction completed, all that was left to do was paint the trio of builds. Yesterday was spent at the airbrush ,in many sessions, spraying all three kits. The F-84 and F-89 were simple and straight forward paint jobs. The Mirage was a little bit more time consuming.
There were quite a few steps to the Mirages paint job. After all the final sanding was finished, I sprayed the nose Flat Black. I masked that off and sprayed the vertical stabilizer Flat White as a primer. I am building this Mirage in a Tiger Meet scheme so the white will make the yellow on the tail stand out better. The yellow was sprayed and I hand painted the tiger stripes by hand late last night. This morning, I painted the underside in Dark Aircraft Gray. After that dried, I masked the belly off and put the final color of Intermediate Blue on. A lot of little steps to achieve this paint scheme.
With all three kits painted, I am close to being finished.




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