Back to Normal….For a Little While

I am happy to report that my home has sold. We accepted the offer late Thursday night. We actually had two offers which helped the highest offer come in $2,100.00 over our asking price. It is such a relief to get back to a normal way of living for the next month until we have to do the dreaded packing and moving. With no more showings, I can let my workbench look like a workbench for a while. The new builds have been picked and re-picked. I was going to go with a dual A-10, N/AW-10 build but decided to wait a little while to forego that one. Instead, I chose to go a different route. On the docket for this trio will be Academy’s 1/72 F-89J Scorpion, Academy’s 1/72 F-84E/G Thunderjet, and Hasegawa’s 1/72 Mirage F.1C. The only one that I have broke open is the F-84. I know I always say great things about Academy kits and this one is no different. The cockpit detail is great! I honestly wasn’t expecting as much as they provided. I am excited with this kit.
The other two kits await the usual perusing and prep. From what I have seen of them, they look like typical kits. I believe they will go a lot smoother than the last set. Now that I don’t have to constantly keep my workbench “clean”, I can get more involved and not have to worry about appearances.



17 thoughts on “Back to Normal….For a Little While

  1. So how many completed/uncompleted models do you have to move? The way you build 3 at a time you should have enough time to build a dozen more before you have to move! 🙂


    • Not many now. I moved about 300 unbuilt kits and about 150 built kits to my parents house for the decluttering. I saved about 20 kits to keep on hand to build during the selling process. I also have about 15 built kits still on the shelf. I think I can get maybe 6 done before the move. I will try for 12 but I don’t think I can achieve that goal.


  2. Just found you. Really like the blog. We put our house on the market back last August. I had to move my workbench into the master bedroom when my daughter was born, so it had to be packed away so we could show. Fortunately, we sold in 9 days so we didn’t have to deal with that dance too much, but it was a pain. Congrats on your sale and good luck with the move!


  3. Congratulations with the sale. We had to wait almost a year for our sale and now a year with our stuff in storage and haven’t yet found a permanent place to live. So I hope things will be a lot smoother for you. I’m planning my ideal “Man cave”. Any thoughts on yours? It would be an interesting topic of discussion.


    • Thank you! Right now we are kind of in limbo living in my in-laws basement. I think our plan is to build. We too have all of our things in storage. It’s not ideal, but it does give us a chance to make a great decision. I will most definitely have a generous model room with a separate room to airbrush in. That and a three car garage are my only must haves for now.


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