A-4E Skyhawk

It’s amazing how quick we forget the complications endured during certain projects. I think it’s the overwhelming relief and the satisfaction of beating the system. In all honesty, I absolutely wanted to file Fujimi’s Skyhawk in the “spares” box. To be fair, I believe it was a little bit Fujimi’s and my own fault. The past Fujimi kits that I have built have shown me that I must have botched something up somewhere. In my defense, there were a few bad fitting parts that paved a path of self destruction.
After the cosmetic surgery was complete, a nice looking A-4E Skyhawk appeared. I used Tamiya (white) filler to fill the gaps. If you use this filler, you know how great it can be. It’s messy stuff, but it never fails me. I partook in a few rounds of filling, sanding, and priming before I was satisfied. After all the filling and sanding was completed, it was back to a normal build. It took me forever to make the time to get it painted. I used the Vietnam era paint scheme of Flat Gull Gray on top with White on the underside and all movable surfaces. I’m fond of a few variant paint schemes of the Skyhawk, but this one, to me, looks the best.
The decals were so so. They were thin and didn’t want to release from the backing. Most of them turned out well, while some silvered a little. After what I went through to build the kit, I can accept a minor issue like that.
Overall, I am pleased to have made it through this kit better than I imagined. I am especially glad that I did not give up on this kit.





11 thoughts on “A-4E Skyhawk

  1. thank you for the like of my ‘dots’ post. Now I see why! I don’t know anything about planes, but the Naval Aviation Museum is always a great way to spend an afternoon. I think the phrase I am looking for for you is “kid in a candy store.’ Thanks, again.


  2. You do some truly spectacular work! The Scooter has always been my fav and you nailed it. Do you do commissioned work?


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