The Home Stretch

I am slowly inching towards completion of all three of my builds. All major construction is finished and the trio awaits their respective skins. The canopies have been masked and sprayed with Flat Black. I was able to get the first coat of paint on Academy’s F-16. I sprayed the entire plane in Testors Flat White. The next color will be the grey and, finally the black. I am excited to see this one finished.
The Skyhawk is all prepped for its final color of Flat Gull Grey. I masked it all off yesterday and I am just waiting for a little time at the air brush.
The F-16I has hit a little snag. I discovered that I do not have one of the colors I need which will cause a slight delay. However, I can get the underside painted when I spray the other F-16 with Light Ghost Grey. After that, I’m stuck until I can get out to my hobby shop. The other two planes will keep me busy until then.



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