Kicking It Into High Gear

I am glad to report that the model building gears are back at full speed. The showings on the house are coming, along with a few offers. I have figured out a way to build neatly during this transitional period.
I have used all of my skills to bring all three kits to equal value. The Academy F-16 required the least effort. Minor sanding to remove the seams and it was all set to move on. I sprayed the second coat of white this morning and I will get the gray airbrushed tomorrow.
The Hasegawa F-16 is ready for its first coat of paint. This kit needed a lot of sanding at first. The top half of the fuselage seemed to be a bit wider in the nose section than the bottom half. A few rounds of sanding and filling were needed to correct the issue. The electronics spine had a nice fit with the vertical stabilizer. The wings were a nice highlight as they fit very well. I hope to get the final paint job started tomorrow.
The outcast Skyhawk turned a corner and came out delightfully decent. It needed some extensive filling and sanding which I spent a lot of time doing. It’s still not perfect, but I think the defects are minor and unnoticeable. At least I hope they are. I sprayed the second coat of white on the under surfaces this morning. I’ll try to mask it off tonight or in the morning to move it along to final paint. All three kits are starting to speed up and I’m hoping for an early week finish.



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