As with the Reaper build, this drone kit provided the same ease of construction and enjoyment as could be expected. Platz produced a great kit. This build was on the pricey side at $30.00, but it was well worth it. The moulds were high quality as well as the decals (three different options). They even give you the option to build it with the wings folded or not. All around a great build. Even though Platz isn’t considered a heavy hitter among the big brands, it certainly has the muscles to back up their product.
The construction of the X-47B was enjoyable. Zero filling and minimal sanding was required. Decal application takes about as long as it takes to build the plane. There are quite a few markings to affix. This kit is perfect for a novice or expert builder.




4 thoughts on “X-47B

  1. That looks amazing. I like to do a bit of modelling myself but haven’t had a chance in a very long time and certainly wasn’t up to your standards when I do it.


    • Thank you! It seems that time is the killing point. I took twenty years away from building and found my way back. I’m sure your kits were great. Who cares what they look like, as long as it’s fun to do.


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