Time for Decals

The Jaguar, Draken, and X-47B all took part in a power session of airbrushing. I was able to get all three painted at the same time and now they are ready to apply the decals.
In the same fashion as painting the kits, I sat down to a power decal session. All three builds had their respective markings on in about two hours. The Jaguar’s markings were by far the easiest to apply. The fact that there were few to put on helped, but the true gem was the way they released and went on. The Draken had decent decals but were very fragile. There were also the big decals that have to form over curves that I dread so much. They worked out okay. The X-47B’s decals were pretty good as well. For a simple build, there were quite a few decals to apply. The release time is very quick and application was effortless. All around great decals.
Next is the weathering, which shouldn’t take too long to accomplish. I would imagine all three to be complete by tomorrow evening. I hope, at least.


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