A6M5c Zero

My workbench has been a frenzy with activity lately. With the completion last weekend of the American Zero, the desire to finish the Japanese Zero increased.
Academy did a great job with this kit. Simple, yet still able to keep my attention, these Zeros were a fun twist to my normal builds. Assembly went well with no hiccups. All around, they were both smooth builds.
Painting bare metal is not my favorite to do, but I am pleased with the results. I used Model Masters Chrome Silver for the overall color. I also picked a few random panels to contrast the shiny chrome. I used Testors Silver for that effect. I used the pencil weathering method on this one to make all the panel lines stand out more without making the plane look dirty. My spare decals came in handy on this build. Luckily there wern’t too many decals needed.
The Japanese Zero was painted with Model Masters Japanese Army Light Gray. I used my normal pastel weathering for this one to show its use in the war. The decals were a bit tough to work with. Tearing was the main issue. I was glad to have two sets of decals so I could afford a few mistakes.





12 thoughts on “A6M5c Zero

  1. Excellent job, as always! I really loved the way you presented the photos! It is much easier now to better appreciate what you do. Thanks much and I am looking forward to seeing your next projects!


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