Stearman PT-13D Kaydet

This weekend sprouted many sessions at the workbench. I was able to finish two builds and get close to finishing the other two kits. The first to be cleared for takeoff is the Stearman.
My timeline for this build was pathetic. Given the small amount of pieces along with the total size of the kit, this should have been done last week. Regardless, here I am with the Stearman complete.
The build itself went quite well. Very little sanding was needed along with zero filler. The painting actually took longer to complete than the build itself.
The recall paint scheme came out better than I expected. I was a little worried the blue would bleed through the mask and make a huge mess. Thankfully, pulling the mask off revealed crisp blue stripes.
I went in a different direction with the weathering on this one. A recall plane would stay relatively clean so I wanted to show cleanliness with a little bit of weathering. Instead of using pastels, I used a #2 pencil on the panel lines to give a minor amount of wear.
Another new technique for me was the rigging. I’ve tried to pull this off before with horrid results. This time I approached the preparation in a different way. In the past, when I gave it a shot, I tried to use black thread for rigging. It has always ended up with me getting frustrated because the thread wouldn’t be tight enough without pulling the opposite end loose. This time, I stretched a foot long thread, taped at both ends to a pair of spray cans. I coated it with super glue and let it dry. When it’s ready, you’ll have plenty of stiff rigging to use. This time was much easier using this method. Also, it adds a great detail to the kit.





14 thoughts on “Stearman PT-13D Kaydet

    • Absolutely it is! I wish I had the idea before. I’ve used it for a while for ejection handles. I tape one end of one black and one yellow thread. I put the other in a pin vise and twist. Add glue and you have easy ejection handles.

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