Full Steam Ahead

This set of builds has become like a slowly melting icicle. The week brought almost nothing to the table. I was, however, able to get a tiny bit completed and I think this weekend will blossom great results.
The Stearman finally received its stripes this morning. I couldn’t find the exact color in my research, so I used Tamiya Sea Blue. It’ll be close enough. I’ll pull the mask off later today and do some slight detail work before I apply the decals.
The Avenger is my success story of the week. The fuselage halves were put together Thursday night. Last night saw the seams get sanded and primed. This turkey will get its wings on this afternoon and any gaps that need to be filled will get taken care of as well.
Painting on the Zeros is at an in-between stage. The Japanese Zero will get painted this afternoon. The American Zero will get a little more detail to its finish. I sprayed the entire plane with Testors Silver this morning for two reasons. One, it acts as a good primer for bare metal finishes. The silver shows all the imperfections in the plastic, such as scratches from sanding, that could ruin your final appearance. Second, I want to break up the finish with some different variations of silver. I’ll mask off a few random panels before I airbrush the final coat of paint, giving the Zero a little contrast.




10 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead

    • Thank you. I use Tamiya masking tape to mask off the parts. If there aren’t any raised edges to show where to cut, I hold the piece over a light source. Use a new knife blade and carefully cut the framing away. When I paint them, I tape the insides of the canopies to keep any overspray out. I also paint the interior color first so it shows through on the inside and then I spray the final color. I do this for about 99% of my builds. Sometimes I have to use the old fashion method of hand painting for more difficult ones. Canopies are actually my least favorite part to do. Some are better than others.


      • Do you cut thin strips and line them along the frames and just the edges and corners or just mask the entire canopy and cut from there? Great tip on the paint for interior. I just realized my canopy will show white primer from the inside 😦


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