Hooray for the Weekend

It’s officially the weekend and now is the time where I make my progress on all of my awaiting builds. The four kits sitting on my workbench are no exception. I have been crawling throughout the week spending a few mini-sessions prepping for this weekends push.
The Stearman is leading the way with all major construction finished. I need to do a little masking before it’s ready for an overall coat of flat white. After the white, I’ll mask off all the striping and spray it with a dark blue. This one should tentatively be done soon.
My progress on the twin Zeros is better than expected. As you can see in the picture, I have the fuselage halves together along with the wings. They both look like minimal sanding will be required with little or no filler needed as well. The plan is to have these ready for paint by Monday.
The Avenger doesn’t look like I have done much, but I really have. All the cockpit work is complete and installed. I would have the fuselage halves together if it weren’t for the rear machine gunners turret. I was hoping to mask the hole and get the plane painted before I installed the turret. It turns out that I can’t take that route. Now I will paint the turret first, then install it and just mask it when I mask the cockpit off. Not a favorite option, but problem solved. I also installed the windows in the fuselage.
Clear parts are a bit of a downer on WWII planes. It’s mainly in bombers, but the Avenger sports interior windows that need to be masked off. I have found a way to do this with ease. First, I glue the window in as usual. Second, I take a piece of packing tape (cut to size) and place it over the interior side of the window. After the glue dries, the tape secures the window enough to easily mask it off. No more windows falling out during paint prep.
It seems that the Avenger will be the last to complete. Although I have been wrong many times before. Regardless, this is a great kit so far.




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