Behind Schedule, But That’s Ok

Achieving my goal of finishing all three builds by the weekend proved to be too difficult. Finishing them mid-week would be a stretch to say right now. Even though I failed my goal miserably, I am still happy with where I have arrived.
The Fulcrum still sits in line waiting to receive its final color of the digital camouflage scheme. I can say that I am close to being finished, which alleviates some of the stress.
The Stuka is fully painted in the summer camouflage scheme. I could have been done with the Stuka but decided that accuracy was more important than finishing it quickly.The winter scheme is, obviously, all white on the upper surfaces. The accuracy issue is that the scheme was all field applied and not at the factory. The Germans used a white wash in the winter over the summer camouflage, leading to inconsistencies and some thinner spots that show the “old” camouflage through the white. While I wanted to skip ahead and just paint the white, I chose to paint the whole plane how it would look in warmer months and airbrush the white over it for a more realistic appearance. I am hoping to get some time to finish tonight or tomorrow so it can be completed by this weekend.
The Texan is keeping pace with its counterparts. Basic assembly is complete. I painted the anti-glare panels last night so I’ll mask them off tonight and be ready for paint. Maybe this weekend will see all three get finished.



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