Staying Busy

I have been procrastinating with starting the digital camouflage scheme on the Fulcrum and focusing on my other two builds. The Lightning is closing in on the end while the Stuka is moving along at a great pace.
As I have mentioned before, I enjoy building WWII German aircraft. The Stuka has been a joy to work on. The sanding of the fuselage has been completed and the panel lines have been re-scribed. I was able to attach the wings on last night with a little bit of difficulty. Some minor sanding was needed to achieve a proper fit. I’ll do a little bit of filling the gaps tonight and maybe get a little farther in construction.
I applied the decals on the Lightning a few nights ago. I’ll get the weathering done today and start final assembly tomorrow. I should be able to call this one complete by Monday.


12 thoughts on “Staying Busy

  1. I’m not sure if I could ever do what you do with modeling of airplanes. It is very intricate and detailed. But I guess what i do is that way sometime too. When I was young I had a friend who was intrigued with airplane modeling and I enjoyed seeing the models. Did you figure out what the image was on the disjointed jets? Just curious if anyone got it. I have a friend in Canada who’s husband was a pilot and he thought it was some sort of wood project. Take care, Karen


    • I knew it was an engine, but no clue what it was from. You’re right! Everyone has there hobby that just “clicks” for them. My wife likes to cross stitch and I can’t fathom doing that. They turn out great but it looks way harder than what I do. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Fellow aircraft buff, but I try to fly the little Cessna instead. I’ve got a balsa HellCat to build, someday! What’s the aircraft you use for your profile pic?


  3. Do you have any tips on masking for airbrushing? A bit further down on my blog I have a camouflage scheme I want to do and requested tips. Sadly no reply.
    Big if, you have time I’d appreciate any comments, I’m a total newbie to airbrushing and have been looking online for tutorials.
    Many thanks
    Nik aka grumpyoldtin


    • The only thing I usually mask is the cockpit when I airbrush. If there are straight edges, I’ll mask the whole plane out. But regular curved camouflage, I don’t bother with masking. My advice would be to practice on a piece of paper or even an old model. Try to get the hang of the different air pressures. I always spray the outline of the camouflage first, and then fill it in. I’ve only been airbrushing for two years and I still have trouble from time to time. But that’s not to say that airbrushing is hard. I was surprised when I finally used my airbrush at how simple it was to use. Let me know how it goes. I’m open for any more questions you have. Good luck.


      • Many thanks for taking the time to look and give suggestions.
        You’ll see the results at a later date.
        I must say that the blogging community is very supportive unlike some forums which can be rather unpleasant.


      • It’s no problem at all. The whole reason behind my blog was to help other modelers. I was in your same situation looking for tips and references so I decided to start this blog in hopes that it would help out. Feel free to ask anytime.


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