Endless Winter

Today has brought glad tidings to my workbench. Another snowstorm has hit the Chicagoland area allowing me to make some more progress. I wasn’t able to do any building yesterday so it makes it that much more satisfying to be able to get as far as I have today.
The Lightning is winning the race as far as progression goes. Luckily the snow didn’t bring polar temperatures with it and I was able to get the Lightning completely airbrushed with two sessions. This morning, I sprayed Model Masters RAF Dark Sea Gray and let it dry for a few hours. My second session at the airbrush, I used Model Masters RAF Dark Green to finish out the camouflage. I let that dry and then I pulled all the masking off. I’ll hit it with a gloss coat tonight and hopefully decal it tomorrow.
My MiG-29 is coming along just as well. I finished the main construction and airbrushed the base color of Model Masters Fulcrum Gray this morning. I let it dry till this afternoon and masked off the nose and tips of the vertical stabilizers so I could paint them. I left the vertical stabilizers off the kit to make it easier when I am painting the digital scheme. I used a rattle can to spray the parts instead of using my airbrush. I got a little lazy and did’t want to clean it out for a fourth time today. Nothing against spray cans, I just usually don’t care for the results as opposed to using an airbrush. It worked out fine and now I can begin the tedious masking process for the digital scheme.
The Stuka has been excellent so far. I’m not too far along, yet I’ve gotten a good amount completed. The cockpit has great detail, which is always a pro in my book. I was able to get the cockpit parts painted and the wings together Monday night. Today, I was able to finish up the cockpit and get the fuselage halves together. I’ll try to get it sanded a bit tonight but I’m not going to fret if I can’t get to it.


15 thoughts on “Endless Winter

  1. I am always amazed by the fact you don’t lose any part when I look at your work area… Pun intended of course.

    Procrastinating Pete


  2. The Italeri 1/72 Ju 87D-5 Stuka is a great kit. I’m sure you will enjoy it and am looking forward to the build. Rich from themodelgallery.


  3. My husband is into the same hobby as you 🙂 He wanted me to ask you if you know airplanes so well, that you could help us recognize a few we have photographed on our vacations. 🙂


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