A Change of Fortune

A groove has been established and the three builds have been producing triumphantly. I wouldn’t have expected such a turn around in my fortunes but I sure won’t complain.
I’ll start off with the F-104 Starfighter. Yesterday saw the front and back fuselage halves put together. It took some removing of some internal, nonessential, pieces to get a decent fit. This morning, I was able to get the gap filled where the fuselage halves meet. The wings and the horizontal tail surface were next to install. The wings have a fantastic fit to them. I won’t need to fill any gaps. The last piece to be installed was the in flight fuel probe. First, I had to finish a little more custom work on it. After I marked where to cut the back of the probe, I used a razor saw to finish the shaping. I sanded the cut smooth and even, then proceeded to adhere it to the plane. After the glue dried, I applied some filler to the gaps. The next step is to sand all the filler and spray on some primer.
The F-102 Dagger has been moving fluently as well. I don’t have as much progress to report, but I am still pretty far along. I was able to sand out the filler and install the wings yesterday. Today, I touched up some more gaps and re-scribed the panel lines along the spine. I was also able to mask off the cockpit and get the anti-glare panels painted Flat Black. The wing roots had a decent size gap so I filled both of them. I’ll get this one sanded down tomorrow and mask off the anti-glare panels.
The famed Lippisch is close to being done. I painted the underside and vertical stabilizer yesterday with Model Masters RLM65. I masked it off this morning and applied the second color, Model Master RLM81. The final coat of Model Masters RLM82 will be sprayed tomorrow morning and the build should be completed soon.




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