The Skies Have Cleared

The storm clouds have passed and sunlight is shining brightly on my three builds. With the Lippisch shelved, I have made many strides on the Starfighter and Dagger. The cockpits were finalized yesterday morning. I installed them on both respective kits this morning and was able to get the fuselage halves together on both builds. The Starfighter gave me a little trouble with the placement of the cockpit. A little adjustment here and there and it fit quite well. The Dagger proved to be a breeze. Both kits are ready to be sanded and should have there wings on soon.
On an even brighter note, I looked out my front door today and noticed that I had a package waiting for me. Squadron shipped my two Lippisch kits lightning fast. I opened one of them to steal the canopy. I was relieved to find that all the canopy would need is a little sanding on the bottom to fit correctly. With that bit of custom work done, I have to start on building the bulkhead outwards about 1/16″. If all goes well, I can get that knocked out of the way tonight. Nevertheless, I’m back in business and ready to finish up the trio.



9 thoughts on “The Skies Have Cleared

  1. I just saw the light when I was looking at one of your pictures.
    You keep pieces on the spruce trees and paint them there.
    Why it took me 55 years to think about this trick I will never know?


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