Hurry Up and Wait

They say the waiting is the hardest part. I can relate to that now as I anxiously await for the arrival of my replacement canopy to the Lippisch. “The waiting” in that phrase seems a bit too broad to me. In my situation, it’s all the time during the wait that I get to reflect on the contemptible path that led me to this point. In other words, I get to regret having lost it in the first place.
I was able to steal a little time before work to get some build time in today. The F-104 and F-102 would require more time devoted to them than I had available, so I chose to work on the Lippisch some more. Even with the lost canopy, I still needed to build up the cockpit for it to fit correctly. With that still an issue, I started with the scrap styrene strip from the F-104’s refueling probe. First, I measured the length needed and cut it with my hobby knife. Next, I proceeded to dry fit the pieces to assure they were the correct length. With the length being satisfactory, I dry fit both pieces again and marked the width with a pencil. I adhered both pieces and let the glue dry. I did some minimal sanding on both sides to even up the edges. I’ll need to add some filler after I get the new canopy. I think I am as far as I can go with it. I’d hate to do more and have to fix more problems after I get the canopy. Better safe than sorry.


11 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Amazing detail in your models and the pics, my favorites are the the WW2 birds, in April I’m heading to Wright Patterson AFB to check out the National Airforce museum, they have a fantastic collection.


    • Thank you! I’ve been there numerous times. It’s a fantastic museum. Take the behind the scenes tour if they still offer it. You can see the Memphis Belle being restored along with a few more. Definitely worth it.


  2. Anticipation is generally the most exciting part than the actual result, I find! But I do understand the pain of waiting. Patience is a virtue as they say! I need much more of it 🙂


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