Striped and Painted

Today was another day of progression with my builds. Two of them, anyway. The Dragonfly cockpit is near completion with only minor details to add to it. The Vigilante, unfortunately, still sits untouched. The real success of the day again comes from the Tigercat build. Final construction was completed yesterday along with prepping for paint. Today was a multi-process for the paint job. I sprayed the wings and the waist with Testor’s Flat White last night to start the two color stripes. The kit comes with decals to use for the stripes but I always try to paint instead of use a decal. I masked the white off this morning and airbrushed the center stripe with Testor’s Gloss Green. I let that sit the better part of the day until it was dry. I proceeded to mask the rest of the stripes for final paint. I used Tamiya Sea Blue for the main color.
I feel accomplished today with my progress on two of the three kits. The Vigilante will be able to move along once the Tigercat is complete.


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