A Simple Kit

I purchased my Dark Aircraft Gray paint and sprayed the cockpit parts of the Dragonfly and Vigilante builds. While that was being done, the Tigercat received all my attention. There is no question that this kit epitomizes the term “basic”. The lack of a cockpit is the biggest detriment hurting this kit. Luckily, I save all of my spare parts from past builds and was able to scrounge up an instrument panel as well as a seat. Aside from all that, the rest of the build has gone surprisingly well. The fuselage went together nicely with one gap to fill and that was made by my own doing. Both fuselage halves came with a drop tank already attached to them. To make a cleaner and sleeker look, I sawed the halves away from the fuselage causing a slight gap. A little Tamiya filler will do the trick.
Attaching the wings went just as well as the fuselage. I think I will get by without needing any filler. After I fill the gap on the belly, I’ll sand it and shoot some primer on all the seams.
This is a simple kit that I am hoping I can get great results out of.



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