V for Victory

Today was a day of victory. I finally moved forward with my Vigilante build and was able to start two other kits as well. Along with the Vigilante, I have begun construction on Academy’s A-37B Dragonfly and Revell’s F7F-3P Tigercat.
The painting of all the internal pieces has partially been completed for the Vigilante as well as the Dragonfly. With my work schedule lately, I have been unable to get out to the hobby shop for some Aircraft Gray paint leaving the cockpits for both kits at a standstill. I am off this weekend so I should be able to proceed rather quickly.
The Dragonfly looks great in the box. Typical Academy. I haven’t progressed far into it but it looks like this will be a pleasurable build. The kit comes with plenty of ordinance to make for a fully loaded aircraft. Another plus is the SEA camouflage paint scheme.
The Tigercat was started on a whim. I grabbed it from my stash to look at it for maybe an upcoming build. Upon review, I decided to take on a third build. One of the deciding factors was that I had all the paint needed to complete this kit. The other was that it looked pretty easy to finish. This kit isn’t composed of a lot but I see potential. For a Revell kit, the moulds look pretty good. I’m cautious but optimistic about this one. I should be able to get this one pretty close to being done by the start of next week.




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