Snowed In

Thanks to the winter storm that hit the Chicagoland area, I was snowed in and able to spend some time at the workbench. The FW-190 build has proceeded since the conclusion of the F-8. The cockpit will be ready to assemble as soon as the instrument decals are fully dried. This kit looks typical Hasegawa with great panel lines along with great detail. This should be a quick build after a few devoted sessions.
Last night I started what I would consider a phenomenal kit. Trumpeter’s RA-5C Vigilante is a thing of beauty. Amazing detail and a plethora of parts are among the pluses. This kit has it all. The cockpit is the best out of the box cockpit I’ve ever seen.
I spent about two hours between last night and today clipping parts from their sprues and getting them ready to paint. The -17 degree temperature kept me from airbrushing so it’ll have to wait for some warmer days. I’ll have plenty to keep me busy till then.



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