Christmas Loot

At thirty-three years old, society considers me to be an adult. Ask all who know me and you will be scoffed at in remarkable fashion. The reality is that I am eight trapped inside a thirty-three year old body. I will admit to playing with my kids toys and enjoying it. Maybe this is why I am greatly indulged in my hobby.
This past Christmas was kind to me. I was fortunate to receive three Hasegawa kits to add to “the stash”. Not to downplay any of my other gifts but the prized present this Christmas was my Heng Long 1/16 radio controlled M41 Bulldog tank. Features include lights, sounds, and smoke. Another great feature is that it fires 6mm air-soft rounds. It came mostly assembled except for the accessories. The figure comes unpainted in solid dark green so I spent a few hours painting him. I also painted the .50 caliber machine gun to make it look a little better. Another detail I added are the heart stickers. I dubbed the tank “Big Fat Sophie”. I named it after my Italian Greyhound, Sophia, who has gained a few pounds in recent years. I’m itching for old man winter to leave so I can take this beast outside and test it out.





14 thoughts on “Christmas Loot

  1. I see you have been a nice boy in 2013. I am still making room to work on my salvage projects. I have sort out all my Scale Modeler since Volume 1, Issue 1. I stopped in 1993. Almost all the issues are pristine. Model building has come a long way since 1965!


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