Project Crusader

I have come to the realization that my progress with the Crusader won’t come as easily as the Hellcat. With all the internal parts, I had some major fitting issues while joining the fuselage halves. The rear landing gear bay is too long to fit into the guides on the fuselage halves. After quite a bit of strategic sanding, the halves fit well enough to move on. I was able to get them together with minimal gaps. As it sits, I have a little more sanding to get through and all should be good to proceed.

While I am taking my baby steps with the Crusader, I have started Academy’s Me-163B/S Komet.  I have always admired this little jet.  I have decided to build the “S” version which is a two place cockpit design.  Construction has been a breeze with this kit. There aren’t too many parts to interact with making this a “weekend build”.  I should have this one complete within a few days. I plan on starting final paint this morning and be ready to decal and weather by Sunday.



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