Starting Fresh

In an effort to give myself some new choices in what I build, I rotated my inventory. Usually the space above my laundry room cabinets has been for overflow kits that I purchase then end up building. It’s a lazy way of choosing without having to dig through hundreds of kits. I finally grew tired of picking through the same kits every few weeks so I decided to put them all in storage and start anew.
There are eight full containers plus some other hiding places that I had to rifle through to pick and choose. This task was a little time consuming, yet absolutely entertaining. I found a plethora of kits to keep my attention for a long time to come. I easily substituted the old kits where I took the new kits from. I was amazingly able to check some kits off my “want list” due to me forgetting that I owned them already. This project was long overdue. I tried to pick a diverse spectrum of kits and I believe I accomplished that goal. There will be some interesting picks to come.




2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. What I find most interesting is the fact that you are able to purchase these kits. I’m not talking money, but rather that you have a decent shop near you that sells these things. Model kits are far and few between here in Toronto shops, it seems. I used to be able to go to non-hobby specific shops and purchase a Phoenician galley or Viking ship or a ’63 Stingray or an Apollo landing or the Enola Gay – any time I wanted. Now… selection is extremely limited.


    • Most of my collection has been purchased online. I’d say about 5%, if that, has been bought locally. The hobby isn’t what it used to be, that’s for sure. There are a few shops still around me but they don’t keep a lot on hand. Online usually turns out cheaper anyways.


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