Finishing Up

I have been working quite diligently lately on my two builds with rewarding results. I must admit that the accompanying pictures are deceitful. I took them a few days ago not expecting to be as far as I am. But they help tell the story of the builds.
The F/A-18 build went well. There was some confusion in the directions and some odd fitting pieces. I can forgive that and say this was a good kit. I have completed the painting process and it sits awaiting the decal application. I’ll probably wait to start until the F-117 is complete.
The F-117 was also pleasurable. There’s not too many parts to deal with which makes it an easier build. Assembly went as expected. The only filler required was at the wing roots and even that wasn’t much work. On a side note, I left the sprue connected to the nose of the fuselage to protect the pitot tubes from getting damaged. My last Stealth had that unfortunate fate. The F-117 should be complete in a couple of days, time permitting. It has been painted and the decals have been applied. All that’s left is to weather it a bit and do final assembly.



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