Up Next

It’s been quite some time since my workbench has been vacant. There was a time when I would go weeks if not months between builds. The emptiness lasted only a few days before I decided on my next builds. On top of my workbench, I keep an endlessly growing stack of “this one is next” kits. Out of the pile this time are two companies that I haven’t ventured a build with.
First is Trumpeter. I chose to take a crack at their 1/72 F-100D Super Sabre. I have been itching to build this one for a few months now and I am excited to get building. This kit looks fantastic! I’m even impressed with the cockpit details.
Second is DML. This one looks great as well. I went with a 1/72 Dornier 335-A1 Pfeil. DML put some pretty good detail in this one. It should be a fun build.



19 thoughts on “Up Next

  1. I will be interested to see how the Dragon kit pans out. I am currently building the Dragon/Cyber Hobby Sea Venom, looks very good and detailed in the box, but the build is actually quite disappointing in may respects, not a bad kit per se, but it fails to deliver on it’s initial promise.


  2. I have a DML 335 in the works somewhere. Not a bad kit. I want to do it on a stick in a steep climb so I’m having issues with the access and gear doors fitting. It’s been shelved at the moment.


  3. Love your planes! I’m dating myself, but I’m reminded of my Revell and Monogram models I used to make way back when. And thanks for stopping by my blog too….all the best!


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