In Over My Head

In the wake of finishing my AT-28 Trojan and Mosquito builds, I started three new ones. Yep, three. It originally started out as two but I couldn’t resist the urge for the third, so I accepted the challenge.
The first kit is Tamiya’s F-4S Phantom. So far so good with this kit. It has an adequate amount of detail to work with along with well fitting parts. I plan on using the gull gray and white scheme with VF-111 markings from Eagle Strike Decals. As it sits, I’m pretty close to completion. I managed to find a good groove and get quite a bit done. A little more sanding and this will be the first to get some paint.
The second kit I’ve chosen is Hasegawa’s A-10A Thunderbolt II. Can you ever build enough of your favorite aircraft? I say no. This is my fourth A-10 build in three years. I’ve held off long enough and I’m excited for this one. I’ve decided to take on the tedious J.A.W.S.(joint attack weapons system) paint scheme. I haven’t really accomplished too much on this one due to the ease of the F-4 build. I have the fuselage together with a little more filling and sanding to go.
The third, and the one I had to add to the mix, is Academy’s Super Etenard. I was looking through all my kits and this one stuck out so much that I had to start it. I don’t have a great tendency of building foreign planes so I am happy for this one to go up on the shelf soon. After I pre-painted most of the parts, it sat dormant for a few days until I was able to make some time. Academy didn’t put too much detail into this kit. The cockpit is bare at best. I had to scratch build the ejection handles on the ejection seat. I also added the usual seat belts. This one has been fun to put together. Today was the first day that I spent any quality build time on it. The fuselage is about done and ready for the wings to be attached. I don’t foresee a whole lot of filler on this kit, although I have been severely wrong before. It shouldn’t be long before this one is completed also.


14 thoughts on “In Over My Head

  1. I have built the Academy Super Etendard in the past and enjoyed the build. I chose the Argentinian Falklands War scheme. It is an aircraft that has beautiful lines, I hope you enjoy the build.


  2. The A-10 is a fav of mine also…the kit as well as my others waiting to be built are still packed away in storage till the move in October/November. I’m itching to get them started! Glad I found you to keep me inspired!


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