The Afflictions of Model Building

My T-28 Trojan build was a little worse off than I had originally evaluated. The instrument panel cowling broke off which required a small scratch build. Also, the fuselage came apart during the wreck and needed some re-glueing and filling. While I addressed these matters, I started Hasegawa’s 1/72 scale Mosquito. So far so good. Typical Hasegawa molding and fit. I’m in a fight to decide the paint scheme. I can’t decide if I want a traditional scheme or go with the night scheme. I have plenty of time to decide on that, though. Hopefully I can get past my Trojan issues unscathed and make some progress. The Mosquito has been a much needed relief during those trials.



8 thoughts on “The Afflictions of Model Building

  1. Hi there, I have only just started following you, omg I just hope this isn’t going to be too expensive, lol I used to get glue all over me as a kid, I’ve totally forgot how to do this, but hey guess what we have a model shop just a few mile up the road, Hollywell’Flintshire, what’s the most expensive you’ve ever built? Do you have a photo? And what’s the cheapest, and do you have a good supplier? And it looks like that paint prob as a few bad odours, not for the Bedroom, maybe the outside Shed, I will call back, and I might just try a Small Aircraft, I used to have Access to all the BAE sites in the UK, I watched the euro fighter developed and the Hawk, Nimrod, 748, I had the pleasure once of sitting for two hours waiting for the Vulcan to leave Woodford, the Manager in charge of us on that site, came down laughing his head off, we’d waited two hours to watch this on a Sunday, and a pilots way of saying’ cheers lads for being patient, he pushed forward on the Yoak and I thought he’d got a problem, he started to head off the centre line and towards us! He then pulled back hard, and the van I was in shook like we were in an Earth quake, so this manager fell out of his car, he said” I’ve never seen anything as funny before, the roof of the veichle was wet before, and it just dried in seconds’ them were the days..I also watched the development of the Aircraft the Royal Famiky use? Can’t remember which model. It was all good fun. That site had a very special building that was a very old house, The Queen used to sleep there rather than travel, that also was secret at the time, very tight security. If you think about it, what a great place to stay, Goodnight. Speak soon.


    • Wow, that’s quite an experience you’ve had there. It is an expensive hobby at times. I’m in a good spot to where I have most of my supplies on hand to use. The most expensive kit I built was a B-52G diorama. In all, I think it was around $400.00 for everything. The most I’ve spent on a kit was $100.00 for Trumpeter’s 1/32 scale F-105G. The cheapest kit was a Sopwith Camel for about $5.00. Once you start building, you accumulate the tools you need for future builds.


  2. I’m seriously considering a return to the hobby after a 30-year absence. I have a KC-135A kit that’s been gathering dust for years, and I’m lusting after the new Moebius eight-window, 30-inch version of the USOS Seaview from the movie and first television season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.


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