I have started my Heller T-28 Trojan build and all was going well until I noticed I couldn’t insert the wing because of the nose weights. Talk about your all time backfires. I am always reminding myself to remember the nose weights. I’ll write notes on instructions and kit boxes. I remembered and wham! Unfortunately they were too low and had to be removed. I grabbed my needle nose pliers to try and wiggle them out and all I heard was the crack. Next thing I saw was the broken fuselage piece laying on the floor. Not a smart move on my part. Luckily I can see the bright side to this. I was able to get the nose weights adjusted properly and all in all it wasn’t a bad tear. I was able to attach the broken piece with no issues. Because of the raised panel lines on the kit, I can’t do too much sanding. I think I’ll be able to hide the seam in the way that I will paint the airplane. This was a very scary situation that could have gone way worse for me. I should have investigated my instructions a little better to avoid this. Lesson learned.



20 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Great save. I think 40% of modeling is great saves when you don’t just slap them together.

    My oops was after a great buildup of a resin cockpit all snug inside the fuselage finding out the nose wheel well no longer fit. Good thing my dremel has a long reach!

    I’ll look forward to seeing this done. The cockpit already looks good.


  2. Always it’s the weights…. My big mistake was focusing so much on the weights I forgot to put in the side windows on a Vickers valiant. Upside was the microscale Kristal kleer replacements I was forced to attempt were much superior.


  3. I do hate when I spend time writing a note and then in my excitement forget to read it. At least you were able to recover successfully. Thanks for the like of my post “Bottom Blur”.


  4. I hate it when that happens, but hey, Nicely mended!
    I once forced a switch on a very large and expensive piece of office equipment (back in the days of card readers). It was not mendable, and sadly, I was out looking for a new job the very next day.

    Thanks for visiting me today!


  5. Ouch! Lucky it wasn’t wasn’t a bad break… Phewwww… I ended up irreparably breaking the first model my friend got for me to assemble… :S Biggest note to self: Attempt nothing without pliers!


  6. Just wanted to say that I was sure I was following your blog and when I visited today the following sign is not clicked. Crazy wordpress or computer? I have seen this on a few of my other blogs. So I signed up to follow again 🙂 Annie


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