The Workbench

I have been asked by a vast amount of readers how I display my finished model builds. With my EF-111A still incomplete and ready for paint, this is the perfect opportunity to show you.
Some spring cleaning was necessary before I was willing to reveal my work area. Aside from the dust and clutter, the most unappeasable matter was lack of real estate. Even building on the smaller scale of model kits has its boundaries. Solving this issue was not the easiest task at hand. I needed something to store my old kits in without the inevitable damage that was to be the result of my inadequate thinking process. Gratefully this wasn’t so. I recalled reading a “how to” article in Fine Scale Modeler on this topic. Shelving paper was used to line the bottom of a container and I delicately arranged my old kits to maximum capacity. Problem rectified. The liner prevents the kits from sliding free while the container protects them from the elements. I used the thin containers and slid them underneath my bed. Out of sight and well protected.
So now my workbench is tidy and ready for more planes to take residence on empty shelves.



39 thoughts on “The Workbench

  1. I have sent a link to a Belgian friend who has a work-desk very similar to yours. Currently he is very ill, and unable to indulge his passion, Dunno if he can even read his e-mails, but if he can, I know he might enjoy your blog. Thanks —Bear


  2. Great collection until I saw that anti-christ of all aircraft, the evil Fieseler Storch arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Maybe 1/600 is the way to go if you are running out of space? Fortunately for me I have a friend with good enough eye sight and no shaking hands yet to help out with my 150+ Battle of Britain aircraft collection which can also fit in a biscuit tin box.


    • I was at Fantasy of Flight in Florida and they flew their Storch as a demonstration. It sparked me to build one. 1/600 is a bit small for me. I have a bad wrist which results in a shaky hand. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Now that is a really sweet collection of planes. I find myself wishing for a closer look at that Fieseler Storch, having a soft spot for that little dragonfly.


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