Vacation Build II

While on vacation in Michigan, I didn’t devote much time to the construction of my EF-111A. Between fishing and watching my Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, I neglected the build almost entirely. I wish that I could say that the effort involved was fruitful, but I don’t have a lot to show for myself. I took some extra time on the cockpit to add some details that were lacking and assembled the fuselage halves. This is where the problem lies. The fuselage is two pieces and the back half is the hassle for me. It seems that the bottom half is wider than the top half. I am going to have to add some shims to give the top half something to sit on. Lots of filling and sanding are on schedule for me in the days to come.
Unfortunately, the canopy only comes in the closed position. To remedy this, I carefully cut the two canopy doors off with a razor saw. I have a bit more scratch-building to do but that will come later. Hopefully I can spend a few hours this weekend getting into this kit.


22 thoughts on “Vacation Build II

  1. Ah the struggle. You never think about this when you are oohing at the new kit in the box, but you know there will be ome modeling ahead. I look forward to seeing the transformation.


  2. Great work on the cockpit. I saw these aircraft at USAF Upper Heyford in the UK in the early 90’s, they were truly awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the build progress.


  3. As a Leafs fan – I appreciate the devastating way your Hawks took out the Bruins. As a model fan – Love the plan to make the canopy something you can open!


    • I saw the picture in the Toronto paper after the Hawks won. I thought it was very fitting. Rivalries are such a great element to the game. I agree about the canopy. Great detail is lost with a closed canopy. I wish this wasn’t such an issue with some kits. Luckily it”s not to difficult to scratch-build them open.


  4. Been snooping through your archives…you do a really super job with your builds. I’ve got quite a few kits in the painted stage waiting to be assembled and a few not painted. Trying to find the time to sit down and continue building is the biggest challenge. You have inspired me to get out the supplies and get back into the swing of things!


  5. I can’t blame you for putting your model aside in favor of the Blackhawks, they were awesome. The sea of red against the Chicago skyline for the celebration was just breathtaking. But I digress. I think the model will show perfectly under your meticulous hands. Thanks for the like of my post “Flower Fireworks”.


    • I agree. How often does your team make it that far? I wanted to go to the parade (I am only a 30 minute drive from downtown), but two million people was a lot to keep me watching it on tv.


      • I’m closer to downtown then you, about 10 minutes, but there is no way I was getting in the midst of that crowd, especially with it being on the warm side.

        When the White Sox won the World Series, I did walk to one of the streets to see the buses go by as they headed downtown for the celebration. It was something.


  6. I remember when my brothers used to make model airplanes… your blog brings back nice memories. I can still smell that glue (which was pretty nasty unless I am remembering incorrectly)!


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