Wounded Warrior Project

Regardless of your position on the topic of war, I think we can all find some common ground in appreciating the men and women who have sacrificed their bodies and minds for our freedom. I recently was doing a search for some Under Armour shirts and discovered that they have partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project. They have a line of clothing with various sayings and images on them. After I purchased four shirts, I searched further into the foundation. A quick search led me to their website along with their other partnerships. Survival Straps was another company that is involved with this organization. They make bracelets from pararescue cord and have a line devoted to the WWP. I am not sure about Under Armour, but Survival Straps donates 37-45% of the purchase price to WWP. I bought a camouflage one, by the way. I have since received it and will say that it is durable and surprisingly comfortable.
As a modeler, there is another way to give back. Through the IPMS website, IPMS/USA Support the Troops Initiative provides instructions to donate models and supplies to our wounded veterans recovering from their respective injuries. I can’t imagine being in a hospital recovering with little to entertain me. I take my models to build on vacation so I am sure our veterans would appreciate having that relaxation. With that said, I am currently putting together a package of models and supplies for our countrys heroes. This might not hit close to home for some, but there are a great deal of people that it does.


9 thoughts on “Wounded Warrior Project

  1. Great post. The men & women of our military have allowed us to do what we do without much worry, as they have our backs. Nice of you to bring this up, especially around Memorial Day.


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