Fantastic Helicopters

I’m almost thirty-three years old and I still have the mind of a ten year old. When I ordered Syma’s S108g Cobra helicopter from Amazon, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. For Christmas, my nephew and brother-in-law received Syma’s S113g Apache. As I was watching them fly around the house, I thought I should give this little helicopter a try. After a quick Google search, I found the Cobra for a little under $25.00 with free shipping.
Surprisingly, I have never had anything radio controlled. With that said, I found it quite easy to fly this helicopter. They are a blast to fly and are extremely durable. I have crashed countless times and it is still air worthy. I loved it so much that I had to try another one. Another search led me back to Amazon looking at Syma’s S026 Chinook. The double rotor was the intrigue of my decision. I purchased it for $20.00 with free shipping and it arrived yesterday. I haven’t had much flight time on it, but it is harder to fly than the Cobra. The controller has “inch forward, inch backward” buttons that I haven’t gotten the hang of yet. Although it is tougher to keep in the air, it is still perfect for the novice pilot like myself. If you are looking for an affordable toy, such as these helicopters, look no further. While I have had hours of enjoyment out of my helicopters, my wife and dog think that I am annoying.


38 thoughts on “Fantastic Helicopters

  1. Love these little suckers, if only my flying skills would assist me in keeping them in the air. I eventually bought one of those AR.Drones to fly with the iPhone. Lets just say that project was grounded as well. Great site!


  2. I Have the Syma S107. My partner bought it for me the Christmas before last. I have had to change the battery (£3 from Amazon) and I’ve also put a new set of rotors on (Not because I had to just because I had spares and the others were beginning to look a little rough). Total flying cost for over a year of fun = £25. I too am in my late 30’s fun fun fun!


  3. I’ve been to your site twice now and both times I am deeply reminded of my uncles and grandfather who were all pilots and absolutely love air shows and museums of the sort. Love your passion. My uncles are still around and I am definitely going to share your site 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for liking our post, “This Ranks Pretty High”. We love the Blue Angels, they come every other year for our local air show. But my absolute favorite is the B-1 Bomber.
    I am a little too intimidated to try to fly one of these things…I think I’ll break it. 😦 – Claudia


  5. I love planes. Haven`t a real one but many virtuals flight simulator. The last week i get a chinook and is a very good flier at lest in the simulator. Thank for visit my blog and a pleasure visit yours.


  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking it. My brother is also airplane MAD, he used to build models when he was a young boy and kept his love for aircraft all his life. He owns a piper light aircraft that he flys sometimes, he is 58 years old now. Seems like when the airplane bugs gets you it never lets go!


  7. I live in England & went to a model shop last Christmas to buy a Fairy Swordfish for my 53 year old husband. The bloke who owns the shop and all of the other customers were at least 50!


  8. My hat goes off to you, I have never had the patience or skills required to pursue making models. I have tried. Numerous times. It had always been my goal that when I owned a house that I would have a room where ME-109’s , British Spitfires’ and P-51 Mustangs hung above a huge simulated battlefield complete with soldiers, panzers, willy jeeps, and all the weapons of WW!!. But then I discovered at a young age that building models was not a skill that I had either the talent – or the patience for. Its funny in a way. To say I don’t have the patience for model building- since I have been know to stand for 30-60 minutes to get that perfect image. But that is different I tell myself. But I am rambling, you make some beautiful models, thank you so much for sharing. And thanks for stopping by and liking ‘The Magnificence that is Trees’, I hope to see you again, as I know I will return to stare at the beautiful creations you have made – and wonder why I could never quite do that. 🙂


  9. Stuck in Africa, I have had bad luck with these helicopters. I have had four, and each time I am developing some level of skill, they die on me. I would love to find one with staying power.


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