3rd Generation Model Builder

New Year’s Eve is an anticipated day across the world. The welcoming of a new year brings fresh starts and resolutions. For me, New Year’s Eve brought a third generation model builder. While at Hobby Lobby yesterday, my three year old son picked out his first model kit. We opted to choose Revell’s 1/100 scale A-10 Thunderbolt II. It came pre-painted so it is ideal for a little boy. There is no feeling like watching your offspring enjoy your hobbies. Even though he asked my Dad to help him build it, I still had a great time watching him watch my Dad put it together.


13 thoughts on “3rd Generation Model Builder

  1. Awesome! My first kit was the 1/48 Monogram P-40. I built it with my Uncle, who was an excellent modeller. The first kit I built on my own was the 1/72 Monogram A-10A.

    A-10’s are awesome kits to start on. Congrats to the third generation!


  2. Lovely story, can’t put a price on shared hobbies! Brought to mind my first model kit – Airfix DH88 De Havilland Comet racer – a bit of a late starter, age 10 – sweet memories!


  3. Fond memories of playing Golf in Norfolk (that’s something i almost never do) and seeing a pair of these fly over. They look so peculiar and almost crawled through the sky, about 100 feet above us.


  4. Oh it’s such a great feeling sharing your hobbies with your offspring! I share my love for photography with my daughter. Today was the first day that she posted some of her photographs in our (much neglected) blog ‘RobinandKatz’. Thank you for clicking the like button! She was so happy that people responded so quickly.
    Enjoy these moments with your son! They grow up so quickly….


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