Decisions, decisions.

Extra money is a great commodity. It’s like a free pass. My wife labored over a garage sale today and made $120.00. She graciously split it with me to get whatever model I wanted. Although $60.00 isn’t a lot to work with, I can definitely make some magic. Since the day of the hobby shop is gone, I went online. First, I needed a starting point. Of all the kits on my want list, which one could I finally check off? My first choice was Hasegawa’s 1/72 EA-18 Growler. The search began on eBay. As everybody knows, eBay is hit or miss. You either get a good deal or you don’t. Not too much in between. With the outrageous shipping costs on eBay, I went to They have a good selection with reasonable prices. I was able to find the Growler for $27.99. The only problem was that I couldn’t find another $30.00 worth to go with it. My next step was This is by far my favorite place to shop. They had my Growler for $26.79. Not a huge difference, but their model selection is fantastic. I was able to add an Airfix 1/72 Kingfisher, Airfix 1/72 Helldiver, and an Academy 1/72 F-15E Eagle. My total with shipping was only $63.99. With such a vast selection and good prices, ScaleHobbyist makes it tough to keep your order within budget. Thank you to my wife for my new additions.

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