Create your own nose art.

Ever thought of making your own nose art? It is very simple to do. You can easily upload a picture to your computer, size it, then print it out onto decal paper. Here, I used a fine tip brush and did a little freehand to put my wife’s name on my B-17G. Seven years ago today, she obliviously married me. Little did she know the ramifications of “I do”. Happy Anniversary Elsa. Thanks for allowing me to let my imagination run free. As model builders, it is very important to have supportive spouses. I have the greatest.


58 thoughts on “Create your own nose art.

  1. I share your interest but my favourites are of course submarines, Unfortunately there are very few submarine models to be found, especially British boats. Enjoyed your blog and thank you for visiting mine. I did post a question about a year ago asking how females pee-d on a C130. I flew in one in 1990 and the head was a small funnel, easy enough for a male to use but probably impossible for a female, Wondering if that situation has been corrected now???


  2. It`s a long time since i built a working model plane but I was thinking the other day about starting again. My Wife suggests I give up using my machinery as she thinks I`m getting too old and may get my fingers cut off. 🙂


  3. I appreciated your visit to my neck of the woods recently and have enjoyed looking at the model airplane information. My husban worked at Chalks, the seaplane base, sanding and painting airplances to earn money for flying lessons. I can still remember one of our early dates going to the airport and getting into this toy!! It was a Cessna 150 and the wings trembled like a baby bird!! But, it was great and I found I liked small aircraft better than being in a huge cylinder with a lot of other people! I can see the attraction to the model aircraft!! Good work.


  4. I enjoyed reading your post. I have to confess, the title threw me off at first. It must have been my baby-boomer, square-headed thinking. I was thinking it was about body art & nose piercings. Was I relieved.


  5. I guess this post has more to do with your wife’s attitude towards your other great passion than your other passion! You are spot on of course. It is great to have an understanding spouse and greater to have one sharing the same passion.


  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site.

    Your blog is great! I particularly enjoyed this post, about creating your own model nose art. I don’t build models myself, but my dad and brother built them for years: planes, cars, ships. My dad is a retired aircraft & power plant mechanic, so I appreciate a great airplane post! 😀


  7. Thanks so much for liking my post today! I am loving perusing through your blog! While not a builder of amateur planes, I am an air and space enthusiast. Enjoy your week.


  8. I did a lot of modeling myself, back when there were no computers to do neat stuff like this. But thanks for the info, I’ve got a bunch of kits stashed away for my retirement. Nice blog, BTW. Thanks for liking my post!


  9. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. You make beautiful model planes. That takes a lot of patience and talent. Nice that you gave some credit to your wife, very sweet. Best wishes.


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