You say obsession, I say collection.

Webster’s dictionary defines obsession as someone or something that a person thinks about constantly or frequently.  Are we as model builders obsessed?  Maybe a little.  I can honestly say that in the two years that I have been back at building, I have amassed over 100 kits.  My father always says “if you don’t get it now, it won’t be there later”.  Bad influence?  It’s all in the eye of the beholder.  I tend to agree with him.  How many times do you have a specific kit on your wishlist destined for greatness, only to discover that it has been discontinued.  Buy it when you find it.  Thus my collection.  All of my kits have a destiny.  I’m not trying to get crazy here, but they all have a plan. Model builders around the world,  you know what I mean.  We buy multiple kits for multiple ideas.  This F-16 is going to be an Arctic Bandits version and that one is going to be in the Thunderbirds scheme. Right?  Granted I may be a little obsessed, but it is relaxing.  The whole experience is fun to me.  From the research online to the awful filling and sanding, I am stress free when I am building.  The finished product keeps you motivated for the next build.  The imagination is endless and so are the possibilities with hundreds of planes.  The imagination keeps me buying fifty kits a year.  Maybe my imagination is obsessed?  More than likely I will never build every kit in my collection, but I sure am gonna try.

24 thoughts on “You say obsession, I say collection.

  1. This brought back the many, many hours I spent constructing models of tanks and aircraft, mostly military and a few civilian models. I found it all very absorbing and educational too, as I researched details of the history of item, learning a great deal along the way, with related subjects.


  2. I say obsessive collector.
    My collection looks the same.
    You don’t want to know don’t you?

    I’m 64.

    Started building model kits when I was 10.
    Built more than 300. I have a collection of unbuilt kits around 60.
    I am afraid to count how many.

    I think I should buy 4 more.

    My new obsession since 2008 is writing blogs.
    You don’t want to know how many blogs I have don’t you.
    You have seen just one.

    Try this one…

    That’s my 120th post about a little Mosquito Squadron.
    That’s just one.
    Got another one about a RCAF 403 Squadron which flew Spitfires…


    You should.



  3. It is really a distinction between a crazy man and a devoted man. Or a fool and an eccentric. A matter of perspective really. Since I have certain obssessions, I will go with the devoted definition!


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